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The Dreamer

This is a photo of our old dog Brody that Todd and the girls created for a dog photo contest. The sketch is an entry in Todd's journal. We did not win the photo contest but Todd's sketch was something he would do often. He would visualize, put to paper, and document the outcome of something in a positive way. There are many terms that could be used to describe this...Dream, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Visualization, and many more. No matter what you call it, Todd believed in it.

While Todd embraced the idea of the journey being the focus, as opposed to the destination,

he would often project points along the journey that he would like to see. As I read and reread his many journals, I see so many entries of our conversations where we would list things we would like to do together.

We never flew to South Carolina to look at a condo but we sure talked about it. We talked about buying our own place on a beach some day. When I first read this entry I was confused but then realized in this entry, with so many others like the dog photo contest, Todd wrote down our dreams, his dreams. He put to paper things he would like to see happen.

In addition to long term dreams, he often wrote about goals just for the day. He would write about the simplest of things like visualizing a good parking spot at work to having a cup of coffee on the back porch next time it rained. He expected great things!

For me, this aligns with my experience in the world of education because it supports the power of high expectations for students and teachers. Todd expected great things for each day, each week, every year and great things came his way. Maybe we never flew to look at a beach condo but we had so much positive in our time together.

Part of the positive energy came from the fact that Todd was always appreciative. He was genuinely thankful and appreciative for people, events, dreams, knowledge, and all things along the journey.

While the appreciation for things was always present, the positive feelings were intermittent at times. In the times Todd was on a downward slope, depression, or whatever it was called, he had to work to find the positive. With reminders, journal reflection, and patience from the girls and me, he would eventually see the positive once again. There were intense ups and downs but as stated in a previous post, the downs gave way for greater appreciation of the ups!

No matter the ups and downs, we supported one another in all we did, as much as possible.

I am so fortunate to have the journals because they have provided support, from him, for me. On my journey, I also have ups and downs, not near as intense as what he experienced, but ups and downs nonetheless. In my times of need, I look to Todd's genuine sense of appreciating what is around me and work to expect positive things on my path. I am so thankful that 32 years of my 52 years of living were spent with Todd! Yes, our time together was cut short, way too short, but I have to be appreciative and thankful that we had that time together. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience such deep love for another. My journey continues and Todd's words support me along the way!


On a lighter note, Todd loved a new pen! These entries make me smile!


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