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Taylorsville Lake State Park

Goal: go to every state park in Kentucky

Ever since Todd and I have been together, we have loved to camp. We already had several state parks on our list of places we had camped and I have decided to finish the list.

The forecast was sunny and unseasonably warm so I headed out for a one day trip to Taylorsville State Park.

Obi (my dog) and I took the country roads, with the top down on the Jeep, as we traveled to the campsite.

The campground had several families enjoying the weather and lots of fishing boats. We met some nice people from Taylorsville when they were in desperate need of a wine opener that I just so happen to have with me.

We ate well, chased a sunrise, and took several short hikes.

Despite this empty dog collar hanging on the trail entrance sign, Obi made it out of the wildlife viewing loop still on the leash.

I am happy camping season has arrived and look forward to many more travels. So thankful Todd and I created so many wonderful camping memories together !

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