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People on the Journey

I just returned from a week long camping trip. My travels took me through Virginia over to the Outer Banks then across North Carolina to make my way back home. This was the longest trip in my camper so far and I have to say that I could have done another week...or two. People are often surprised that I could spend that much time in my tiny camper. What they don't know is that it really isn't about the camper, and while the scenery is absolutely beautiful, scenery is just part of the reason I love camping. The thing I love most about camping from place to place is the people you meet along the way.

The people I meet on my journey truly add to the purpose of my writing/blog, to Connect and Reflect. When I'm camping and out in nature ideas for writing are constantly flowing through my brain and it feels good. So, here are some stories of the people on my latest journey.

For starters, when Brian Lane texted me at 7 am the morning I was leaving and found out I was making a stop because my trailer lights wouldn't come on, he drove over and surprised me.

Brian, along with the help of James F. from Auto Zone, got my running lights to work and I was on my way.

My first stop was Misty Mountain. I didn't get to enjoy the campground that much because of the weather so Obi and I just hunkered down during the storms.

My destination for the next three days was Camp Hatteras. This was a lovely campground directly on the beach. Following a quick and efficient check in and set up, I immediately met my camping neighbor Ron. Ron is a member of the campground so he spends quite a bit of time at Camp Hatteras. That first night, he asked if I would like to ride with him on his golf cart across to the sound side and see the sunset. He made it clear he wasn't trying to be forward in asking, just wanted to make sure I knew about the sunset viewing opportunities. He wasn't joking, it was stunning!

Ron continued to be a big help and when he found out my brake lights and blinker lights weren't working but my running lights were, he jumped into action, along with two other campers and the Camp Hatteras maintenance department. After several hours, a drive to the nearest auto store (about and hour round trip) and some serious problem solving, these three guys fixed my brake lights!

Chris, along with his wife Kat, Ron, and the master chef on the right (can't remember his name but remember he loves to cook) worked together to problem solve and got it fixed. I offered to get them dinner, beer, whatever, but they wouldn't accept anything. These are the kind of people that make the journey so much richer. In addition, the chef has a very recent cancer story and when I shared my story of Todd, tears became inevitable for the both of us. This conversation connection around cancer is all part of the journey and is greatly valued.

The neighbors on the other side of me were celebrating mom's birthday! Great family with three boys that rode scooters and bikes everywhere. The dad, Joe, is actually training for a bike ride across Iowa next year so now I'm following him and his family on Instagram!

My favorite human of the campground was Paisley! This young lady will be president of something some day! She was friendly, had serious conversational skills, could toss in just the right amount of sarcasm to make you laugh, was quite the photographer, and was a big help with Obi.

This was the first camping trip in their camper for Paisley and her family, originally from Texas, and they seemed to be having a great time. After talking with the family off and on over a couple days, it became obvious that Paisley is headed for great things and will lead in many important ways in years to come. Thanks for helping me keep an eye on Obi Paisley! Hope you guys have many great trips ahead! We will be keeping in touch through social media so we can share future adventures.

My final stop was to see Jeff and Drue near Brevard, NC.

Since this was an unplanned stop, campground availability was limited which turned out to be great. Sweet Bear Animal Rescue Farm (found via was where we parked ourselves for the afternoon and evening. Lisa, the owner, shared lots of stories about all the animals she has rescued. We were able to walk around with the chickens, talk to the pigs, have a conversation with Georgie the turkey, and take in all the wonderful work she is doing to help animals.

It was great to get outside, meet people along the way, share my journey, and talk about Todd. I look forward to staying in touch with many of those I've met!

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