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Past or Present Tense

A recent conversation I had with Caroline went like this:

me-"Your daddy would be proud of you!"

Caroline-"He IS proud!"

As I talk with people, I often find myself saying things like, "Todd loves this song!" Then I stop and think, maybe I should I have said, "Todd loved this song." It is a weird thing to think about adjusting your words to try and match the 'correct' tense. But, what is correct?

Well, Caroline is right! He is proud! He is present, all around us in so many ways. Both Maggie and Caroline are always sharing ways they feel, remember, or even hear Todd in their every day lives.

Just the other day, we saw a rainbow and smiled because we saw Todd in the rainbow. He loved/loves (see what I mean about the tense) rainbows. Below are some of the rainbow pictures Todd took. He would call us all to the sidewalk any time a rainbow appeared, would send photos to the three of us when he captured a good rainbow pic, and shared his appreciation in many ways.

Last week, the girls and I took our ballots, sat down at the kitchen table, and talked about how Todd would answer questions we had regarding current events, politics, voting locations, etc. We completed our ballots and drove together to the ballot box. It was a good feeling for all three of us to go together and talk about how Todd is with us. He is proud that we all voted! He is proud that we spent extra time to make sure we followed all the rules with the ballot. He is proud of us!

So, I need to let go of the worry about how to correctly word things. These details do not matter, what matters is that we continue to see and hear Todd in the world around us!

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