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Happy Valentine's Day

The last Valentine's Day with my soulmate of 32 years was in 2020. Was it really

though? Yes, we both got in the car and traveled to Cracker Barrel to celebrate our 32 years of being together.

However, as I spend this Valentine's Day looking through photos of us for the blog, I realize all those V-Days we spent together will carry me through the years ahead. The fond memories and love we shared, not just on February 14, but the other 364 days of every year, will be spread out over my future February 14ths.

In addition to the photos, as you know if you have read past blog posts, I also have Todd's journal entries on which to reflect, remember, and read in my times of need. There are times I cannot read the journals because it stirs up too much emotion for me to handle. Then there are times when I need to find a certain entry or just look through the entries at his handwriting to give me a boost for the day.

His love for our girls is also evident through the photos and journals.

Below is my Valentine walk through memory lane. The music in the video is a Todd Puckett original, probably my favorite of all his songs he wrote, sang, and played. "Barbara" is about a homeless women he got to know when he was working outreach at the Hope Center.

Video disclaimer: It only lasts 4 minutes, the remaining 9 minutes is silence, with the same photo, with no music because I couldn't figure out how to make it shorter. Todd taught me a lot of tech tricks but I must not have been listening when he told me how to shorten the video. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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