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Giving Thanks

We had family dinners just about every night, even through the girls' middle school years. Each night at dinner we would go around and say what we were thankful for and the answers ranged from broccoli to each other. I am most thankful for our daughters. I'm thankful that they were able to be raised by two parents, that worked as a team, even in the challenging times. Todd and I often talked about and asked, "How do we know we are doing the parenting thing the right way?" We decided that we were successful parents if our girls grew up to be kind hearted, independent adults. Yes, our girls are two of the most genuine, kind hearted ladies I know. (Sure I'm biased but I know lots of people that agree. :) ) They help anyone in need, rescue wild animals from the middle of a country road/street, and are an incredible support to one another, and their mother. As for independence, they have both grown so much with this in their own way. So, yes, giving thanks that these two wonderful humans are our daughters is something not taken for granted.

As it became clear that Todd's cancer was taking over and hospice became part of our team, I started reading Todd's journals. I was searching for a common word that I could use to make some special jewelry for the girls. While "energy" was one of the most common words or topics in his journals, the word "thankful" can be found on just about every second or third page. He gave thanks and appreciated the act of telling people what he was thankful for on a daily basis.

While our journey, my journey now without my soulmate physically present, was not what we expected, I am still thankful for the part of the journey in which we worked together as a team for our girls.


For those that have asked and wondered, I took a few weeks off from writing the blog due to doctors, dentists, and a car transmission! Things are looking up in all three of those areas now so...I have a clearer mind and have been excited to get back to sharing Bec's Blog on the Journey!

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