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Eastern KY

So, my goal of visiting every state park in Kentucky continues. Most recently, I spent four nights and five days visiting state parks in the eastern region of Kentucky. Todd had been to several of these by himself as he traveled before we met or for a job he once had that involved KY travel. I had heard about a few of them through his perspective and it was so incredible to visit each one and "hear" him talk about the little things he loved.

There are so many reasons our family has enjoyed camping throughout the years and so many things about this trip that I say, "oh, that was my favorite thing!" Obviously, the scenery is beautiful and unique every trip. The most beautiful thing about Kentucky camping is that you can visit the exact same spot, at different times of the year, and see something different, experience something different. The weather was incredibly sunny each and every day on this tour of eastern KY so I experienced lots of blue sky, colorful flowers, and breathtaking views of the KY mountains with nothing but the sound of a trickling creek at one of the campsites.

With the flames of the fire crackling, cooking is always delicious. Hopefully not so delicious to attract bears...or at least make sure the unwanted leftovers go in the bear safe trash cans.

The historic sites and museums (even though most were closed due to Covid) were something Todd always loved.

Obi enjoys camping as much as I do. This is pretty much the only time I can say I have outlasted everyone at a gathering, being the last (or second :) )person to go to sleep.

Most of all, the people you meet along the way, or the people associated with any part of the trip, are the best you will ever meet. From my good friend Marc, who worked as an engineer to design the road to Kingdom Come State Park, to the park managers (Sherry Cornett for sure) and campground hosts, the connections truly make you feel like it is a small world. It humbles me to know that in the vastness of this beautiful scenery, Obi and I are just a tiny part. When my problems seem insurmountable, I stop and think of these humbling moments, the many people connections, and the beauty around us to keep things in perspective.

One of the biggest highlights of this trip was a family I met at Levi Jackson Wilderness State Park. They so nicely helped me park my little camper in a tight spot right next to their much larger RV. After some discussion, I learned it was their daughter's birthday, first time using their RV, and grandparents would be joining them to celebrate with their immediate family of five. The two boys helped me pick up kindling for my fire, taught me about gooseneck trailers, and really made me miss teaching and interacting with kids! Wesley, the youngest, (5 or 6 I think) inquired about the hitch and sway bar on my camper and let me know he could hook it all up for me when I was ready to leave. He was NOT lying! This inquisitive, talkative, pleasant little fella' helped me back up to the hitch, pull up the stabilizers, lower the trailer onto the hight and hook up the chains and sway bar. You have to love that kind of initiative!

On the final night, I decided to stop at Grove Campground at Laurel River Lake. As a family, we have so many wonderful memories, both the four of us and with several friends, at Laurel River Lake.

We always camped at Holly Bay but getting reservations is tough and my decision to add another night was on a whim. So happy Holly Bay didn't have availability because Grove was wonderful. My favorite thing about Grove is that the sites are tucked back in the trees and the fire ring and picnic tables are tucked back even further. I am going to have to invest in a chair that sits a little higher though. I love looking at the coals until the flame turns blue. The fire rings at Grove were about two feet high and my camping chair sits about 6 inches off the ground. So, I'll be honest, I didn't make a fire that night since I would have to stand to see the blue...watched a movie on Netfilx instead. This was the first movie/tv I had watched in five days straight so I was feeling both refreshed and a bit disconnected.

Next up on my state park goal will be western Kentucky region! Thanks for reading and joining Bec's Journey!

Jennifer, Wesley, and family, if you are reading this, please reach out via imessage or email, I would love to know about your RV adventures!

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