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Bec's Travels: Brevard, NC

Four days off work which screams...go camping! My travels took us (Obi and me) down to Brevard, North Carolina. The weather was perfect for camping, hiking, and good eats with friends around a fire.

Davidson River Campground, in Pisgah National Forest, is a quiet place located at the base of an area filled with beautiful trails, overlooks, and waterfalls.

After a night around the campfire with two friends/family, the morning started with an adventure upward. There are so many choices of waterfalls, overlooks, and trails it was hard to decide where to go but we settled on a trip to Slick Rock Falls.

The road to get to the falls trailhead was a gravel road with a sign that said, "Rough Road" but nothing the Jeep and I couldn't handle. However, the other sign that was along the way was one that said, "One Lane Bridge."

Still not sure why that was needed because the entire road was pretty much one lane...with a straight drop off opposite the side of the road with the mountain. EEEk!

We continued up the gravel road and as I turned a corner, I was surprised to see a gigantic rock sticking up as I looked ahead through the trees... Looking Glass Rock.

Seems cliche but there is no way this sight can be truly felt through pictures.

The following day, we hiked up through Cove Creek Group Campground and located Cove Creek Falls. Fish galore as we made our way uphill along the stream. We knew Jeff would go back to that spot as soon as he heard about it, and we were right!

The weather couldn't have been better!

Jeff and Drue stayed two nights at the campground. We ate well and shared some fun moments with lots of laughter.

We had an extra visitor in the night, notice the footprints on the windshield.

Todd seemed to be all around us throughout the entire weekend but especially during this fat-fingered text about Slick Rock Falls! We could hear Todd singing the song after we laughed about the Slick Rock/Rick mistake.

Obi was great, even during the extra highway picnic we had during stopped traffic on the way home.

All in all, a wonderful trip! Already planning the next trip down to Brevard, NC!

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